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Luminox Watches

All Luminox watches undergo manufacturing steps that no other watch in the world requires. The Luminox self-powered illumination system is installed into each and every watch. This costly and time-consuming endeavor distinquishes Luminox watches from all other watches, and it is Luminox's raison d'ĂȘtre. Each watch employs tiny, self-powered micro gas lights developed by the world leader in the luminous compound industry. These lights (borosilicate glass capsules) are installed into the hands, hour markers and, when necessary, bezels. Luminox watches do not require "charging" by an external light source as do conventional glow-in-the-dark watches, nor do they require the push of a button to light the dial as do electroluminous watches. The U.S. military has long recognized the advantages of micro gas light sources, and their use is outlined in procurement specification MIL-W-46374F.

Luminox Watches Feature:

  • The ultimate self-powered illumination system
  • 25-year lightsouce lifespan
  • No need to push a button or expose to light to activate illumination
  • Illumination guaranteed for 10 years
  • Swiss-made, multi-jewel quartz movements
  • Water and shock resistance

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